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20 Small-but-Mighty Spring Cleaning Projects You Can Tackle in 5 Minutes
Spring's on the way, and we've got totally doable freshen-up ideas for even the most time-crunched—now and all month long. First up: our get-tidy checklist for just about every room in your house.
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Kristen's Pick
A Pretty Genius Knife Holder
Reclaimed Walnut Knife Grabber
Kristen Miglore
"To my fellow not-so-handy people: Screwing a magnetic knife-grabber into the wall by hand takes five minutes, and there’s no better (or better-looking) way to free up drawers and counters and keep knives sharp, safe, and ready to get to business. (When I recently moved, it was the first thing I did to get my kitchen humming again.)"